Monday, May 12, 2008

Just a few pics from Gracie Mansion

The Mayor was quite witty (my compliments to his speech writer) and I met and chatted with some wonderful folks...however, none of the folks in the pics decided to hang with eebie. (Also see #7 of the list from the meme of the last post.)

And yeah, Jessie Martin (no realation) of Law & Order was there...picking up a prize for supporting NY Film, Television and Broadcasting.

One last pic of all the winners, great stuff...

The irony is too much. The last post was "If I was a billionaire" and sure enough I'm chillin' with the Mayor who is a billionaire. Appearantly some who make billions go into politics and do things like running the greatest city in the world.

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Coaster Punchman said...

Very cool that you got to hang out with the mayor and his peeps. Who knew you were such a climber? ;)