Friday, October 17, 2008

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I'm so busy, still, not much more to go to finish school, Beth nicely roped me into another blog, this time it's a one word "question"...

1. Clothes? Being back in school I decided not to spend any money on clothes and just wear out what I have. When I get a real job, I will toss them and buy a new wardrobe. (I must say I do leave a lot behind in Honduras.)

2. Furniture? Best place to shop – the streets of Manhattan’s Upper West Side. On garbage night, these people lay out some good shit on their curb. I picked up some nice chairs, organizing bins for my closet, vacuum cleaner (needed a cleaning – ironic – but I got it working nice), and all sorts of stuff. Plenty that I say, "Looks great, I've no place to put it. (Therefore I don't need it.)" Best find = 250GB external hard drive.

3. Sweet? Great expression for something that was great, excellent, wonderful…

4. City? That’s where I live…in the city and New York City is the city. But even for NYC, Manhattan is the city. If you live in Brooklyn and you say you’re going out in the city, everyone knows that means Manhattan.

5. Drink? Yes, too much. I love beer. I really like wine and stay away from the hard stuff. My saving grace is that when are exams are over and I’ve celebrated their departure, I stop.

6. Music? I love it all. My collection has tango, heavy metal, fado, teenie pop, bossa-nova, rock, blues, opera, lots of musicals, mariachi, plenty of jazz, and the list goes on.

7. TV Series? Numbers, CSI, Law & Order, etc. All those crime investigation shows. I especially like Numbers as it explores math and Judd Hirsh went to my school.

8. Film? As vast as my music selection: Star Wars, Cinema Paradiso, La Reine Margot, Anything Dustin Hoffman, Robert DeNiro or Al Pacino, Au Revoir Les Enfants, Chariots of Fire

9. Workout? I love it when work is out and I can go home. I haven't jogged in the park in months. I miss it. There was a time not more than a year ago I could run a 5:40 mile.

10. Pastries? Mille Feuille (Napoleon); I love them. But a simple croissant can be just as heavenly.

11. Coffee? Oil slick. The Exxon Valdes was a terrible disaster, I brought a straw.