Friday, March 2, 2007

Airbus Can Suck Wind!

Airbus can suck wind! For as much as I have compassion for the 10,000 or so people who will lose their jobs, I am happy to see Airbus taking another hit. Too many times have I heard those Europeans acting all trashy about how they can make great planes and blah, blah, blah... and Boeing is heavily subsidized by its military contracts and blah, blah, blah, ... Clam it!

The A380 is an intellectual monstrosity like the Concord and it will go the way of the Concord unless those mono-brow execs get a clue.

First, ask any European who owns Airbus and few will know that it is primarily EADS and BAE, the two largest miliatry contractors in Europe. Boeing isn't the only company that takes military contracts. Second, those Eurotrashies give some silly arguement about how military contracts serve to cross subsidize its civilian business, blah, blah, blah ... Clam it! McDonnell Douglas had great military contracts (F-14 and the Tomahawk missile) and its civilian aircraft industry brought it to the brink, so clam it. If the business line doesn't make money, it gets cut. No government contracts are going to make, save or otherwise the civilian aircraft business.

Second, nothing Boeing gets compares to the massive subsidized "loans" that Airbus gets. And that's loans in quotes because before too many jobs are lost, the loans will be forgiven. (Note: I know a few ways Boeing gets subsidized but that's because I read and find out the truth; I don't just believe any commérage I overhear in a café.)

So today the A380 frieghter lost its last and biggest customer, UPS. Production delays put it to rest. And like the Concord, those Eurotrashies will be saying its the fault of the Americans. I've been accused of not buying a Concord because no US company ever bought one (Air France and British Airways were the only clients). Well, Lockheed built a prototype of a supersonic commercial jet and no US company wanted to buy one and it was DOA. Maybe there was just never a market for it. Quit whining and clam it!

So, today an article told of the decision by Airbus to make its US debut in NY's JFK. (No surprise to me; NY is the center of the world.) Their primary client, Qantas, was all in a huff because their contract required that it be LAX. Airbus had to back down and wiggle a compromise; it will arrive in JFK hours after it arrives in LAX. On the whole, if I were Qantas I would be shitting bricks and throwing them at Airbus. Don't they care about their customers? Don't they care about their best customer? Of course not, the government will take care of them. "Mais oui le gouvernment s'en occupe."

Airbus can suck wind!