Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Time to make travel plans...

Jury Duty is over; I did not get selected. (I was curious to serve, though.)

Guests are gone. It was great to see them.

Now it's time to hit the road and get this blog which was intended to be about traveling, back to traveling. Coming up are Houston, Atlanta, DC, Chicago & Wisconsin and I'm dreaming about the Pacific Northwest, California, BVI or Honduras (but only for diving), and I'd like to treat myself to Australia (only $800 if I fly in Oct).

Your thoughts on places to see and check out?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I’m an Engineer!!!

Classes and exams are over! I’m an engineer!!!

It feels good to be done; it feels great to be an engineer. Clearly the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Most of all, I’m finally getting back to being me. I had withdrawn from socializing as I had alluded in the last post and while it was a good choice it was a tough one too. However, today, I felt myself reconnecting with me - simple things. While cleaning I turned on the TV and there was nothing but trash, so I asked myself, “What did I do before when I cleaned?” It dawned on me that I used to listen to NPR via internet. So, I put it on (I have connected the two surround sound stereo sets so I get great sound in both rooms of the apt) and it “felt like old times”. I love NPR and I have missed it. Again, simple but something I haven’t done in years…spend a few hours listening to the news.

Then, I called an old friend and chatted a bit. We couldn’t get together but it was great to reconnect. Simple but significant.

I also went to Riverside Park to watch the sunset. I hadn’t done that since the last round of exams. There were big boats and small boats. They were what clinched the idea of going back to school for Mechanical Engineering. Tonight there were also helicopters and airplanes (aerospace also being an ME discipline) and it seemed as though all possibilities were open to me.

As a bonus, there was a free mini concert in the park. I remember enjoying those before school started. It feels good to be back.