Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Could there be a better day? Exams are over - finishing up last night at 8 pm. By 8.30 I was at the pub.

Slept in this morning and the sun is shining in The Big Apple! My parents are in town; they are finishing up a one week elderhostel - awesome that they've the main tourism with a group. We'll do our own thing.

I've spent the morning reading the ecards from around the world. What great fun!

I'm thinking of treating myself to everything on my wish list. For $100, I can get everything. That includes Amy Guth's book "Three Fallen Women" which I became especially interested in after seeing her interview in New Orleans. I got some recommended reading from Schwartzy in her recent interview with Farmhouse and her book Emotionally Pantsed is coming out this summer. Both Katie and Amy are reading at the Pilcrow Lit Fest. Exxxcellent! Wishing them well in their work. Break a leg.

Roberto, the property supervisor, just gave me a knock to let be know that the water will be off for the next hour or two, no shower yet to start the day, so I will just have to chill in my just keeps getting better. I couldn't get any work done if I wanted to.


Bubs said...

Happy Birthday!

Schwartzy sent me.

Dale said...

Snappy birthday!

jin said...

If I'd have known I'd have made you something!
Well... let's just say I owe ya one.
*nudge nudge wink wink*

Happy Happy Birthday!

Oh, here's an idear...
just picture me in a sexay dress singing you the Marilyn Monroe version. ;-)

Tanya Espanya said...

Dale totally stole my Snappy Birthday line because he's a stealer.

Snappy Birthday Eebie!

Eebie said...

Many thanx the way I did buy out my Amazon wishlist, it should be a great summer of reading.

JeSais said...

DAMN. I always forget your birthday. I'm a bad bad friend.

happy belated! and you should consider moving your b-day to august. That's when all the cool people celebrate: me, Ralph, Debby, and


Jewels said...

I missed Ur barfday!
I sowwy!

Bonne Fête Eebie!

Et oui, passer la journée en pyjama, ben, ya pas mieux, hein? ;)
Je suis bien contente d'apprendre que tu t'ai choyé avec tes achats à Amazon. Il n'y a rien que j'aime plus qu'un bon livres pour m'aider à passer le temps.

Bonne Fête encore, mon cyber ami. Milles bisous, et milles grosses caresses! ;)

Jewgirl said...

You had a kick ass birthday, kid!

It's nice to see you posting so much.

Thank you for the good wishes (delayed response, I know. I appreciate it).