Thursday, August 27, 2009

G'day from Down Under

After flying for only 18 hrs, I arrived two days later thanx to the international dateline. I'm ahead of you all, let me tell you the future looks bright and sunny with a cool breeze off the harbour, people out in shorts, yep that's winter in Sydney. It's like San Diego but not as expensive. I'm not sure why everyone in the world doesn't want to live here.

I'm going to try to blog but for practicality's sake, it will be hard to blog as an exercise in writing. I'm going to, as folks have recommended, get pix up and tell what they are.

Sydney Harbour is absolutely stunning, especially if you are like me who finds such great peace when look out across the sea. Jetskis are illegal, so mostly the tranquil romantic sailboats glide hither and fro.

The iconic opera house and harbour bridge and both majestic and proud symbol of a captivating city.

There a many inlets from the harbour with homes overlooking the water and a marina abounding with sailboats.

Darling Harbour is a tourist center but not so much a tourist trap. It's actually an immegrant trap because you'll be asking yourself, "Why don't I live here?"

Fantastic old and new ships at the National Maritime Meuseum.

I'm hoping for more posts! And forgive me if I don't reply promptly.

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