Friday, July 18, 2008

Looking for extra cash?

While in San Diego hanging out with Jenn and her friends as part of her send off before moving to Albuquerque to start the MFA in Creative Writing, we spent time on the beach with her friend Karen.

Karen has traveled much of the US and shared the story of someone she knows who, if I recall, wanted to be a stay at home mom. Money got tight but she found a great job working at home for $300 an hour. She's a dominatrix. She doesn't even get naked, just a two piece leather ensemble and a whip. Even better, she makes them clean her dishes and scrub down the bathroom. While in LA, she wouldn't be able to pull down that sort of cash, she works in conservative Orange County where it has to be hidden.

It's a wacky and wonderful world out there, so get out there and enjoy!


Bubs said...

Nice work if you can get it I suppose.

I knew a girl who worked her way through Columbia College as an escort, and she volunteered this info not long after I met her. I asked if she worried much about the risks, such as disease, and her answer:

"Oh GOD no! I mean, like, what am I going to catch by tying some guy up in a bathtub and peeing on him?"

Eebie said...

I recall a story from when I did financial planning for AMEX. A girl paid her way through college as a stripper, mostly cash so she made the equivalent of $100k (in 1990). So, the discussion was about getting her to cut back expenses and adjust to life on a teacher's salary as once she got started she'd drop dancing.

By the way a boob-job is a tax deduction for such a profession, amortizable over 7 years.

jin said...

You might not know this about me... but I seriously considered doing that a few years back to make some extra $$$.

(LOL... but both of you have met me and you probably think I'm too quiet in person, huh?! ;-)

this friend of mine was dating a local prominent figure (I have to be so careful how I say this! heehee) who loved to be dominated yet it wasn't something he could get done locally, so he would send for two women at a time from Chicago to strip him nude outdoors and whip the shit out of him from the neck down. He would spend a minimum of $2,000 for a couple hours.

Um... I'd do it for half that amount!
Granted I'd never screw someone for $$$. But to beat them up, make them wash my dishes and lick my boots... hell yeah!

Funny thing, my husband was all for it... course he probably figured he'd never have to get a job then!


Tanya Espanya said...

Still waiting for your email please. It's not on your profile...How else can I tell you if you won or not...?

cosmopolgirl said...

hmmmm...something to do to survive on a teachers salary! Thanks for the idea!!