Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bonnefoi, le notaire

The play was fun and I got out of it what I wanted to get out of it. (When I start like that, you know it wasn't brillant but I don't want to rag.)

The play is very well written, no surprise that Molière has the reputation that he does - marvelous piece! I like my role in particular for a bit of history. Molière began his studies in law at the Université of Orléans but left to pursue acting en provence. I too studied at the Université of Orléans and I even had a law course. Playing a notary, it was neat to have all the connections.

I got my school credits (I even got an A), I got to be in a show, I got back in touch with the craft. And it was a period piece. Typically, I do stuff that has no budget; it wasn't big budget but is was enough to call it a budget. Cool costumes! I think mine was one of the best too.

After the show, I said not antoher here. The day after I said, I'm too close to the show; it was tough also because I was so sick. (My eyelid was infected for a couple of days it was more or less swollen shut, then I got a chest cold.) Now, I think, maybe. The first show they put you in a big production to see how it is to work with you. Afterwards, you might get into a smaller maybe 8 person show and all the actors are experienced. If I could do that which is often not at the end of the semester when preparing for exams, it could work for me.

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jin said...

I'm betting I could hide inside those clothes whilst you're wearing them & no one would be the wiser.
Except you maybe.