Monday, August 27, 2007

Vista Sucks!

I had hoped to get some travel logs put together as I had a nice summer hopping a plane. (My sister is the Finance & Admin Manager in Paris, France for Continental Airlines and because she isn't married, she gets to designate a spouse for the travel benefits. This year, that's me.)

However Microsoft Vista did a crash and burn, so I spent much of the weekend figuring out how to recover stuff and set up the system to work again. It came down to a format and re-install. I will credit them with the foresight to make it easy to "chuck it in and start all over". Still, an operating system like XP that worked very well thanks to SP2, would be preferable. But I'm dealing with a company that seems to like the idea of "chuck it in and start all over".

Please don't tell me your Mac stories. Mac does not run the engineering applications that I need. I looked into running parallel operating systems and I really tried to buy a Mac - no dice.

I read an article saying that MIT has recommended to students to not upgrade yet. I had hoped to find and link to now that I learned how to do that but I can't find the article. But damn I know I read and I wish I had read it before I bought. (I think my purchase would have been the same as I was looking for something to last 2 yrs to finish school.)

The only thing that I lost was some music downloads from Cup of Coffey, at least that's all I can think of for now.

While it reloaded I did get my postcards done and a bit of tidying up around the house. Both needed to get done too.

I'm hoping that with the long weekend and I won't be going anywhere, I can get another post up.


Beth said...

ARGH! I truly believe Bill Gates is the Antichrist and loes f*cking with us since we're so dependent on Microsoft products. Glad all you lost were my mix tape MP3s; I can resend those to you.

BTW, I saw this about MIT + Vista:

Beth said...

Can I be your sister's designated spouse next year? I'll send you postcards.

Eebie said...

If I have anything to say about it, I will continue this designated marriage for as long as she works there. Send me your address, and I'll send you postcards. Cheers!

Beth said...

Well, that's a darn good compromise. I love getting and sending postcards.

jin said...

"I'm hoping that with the long weekend and I won't be going anywhere, I can get another post up."

Hmmm... it was almost a week ago you said that!

Hmmm... I'm a week late reading this post.

I now see the irony in me picking on you. I profusely apologize & shan't do it again for fear of being on the receiving end of your whip.

Coaster Punchman said...

Tell me about it. Vista sucks ass. I was perfectly happy with XP on my old computer - and when the computer died I bought a brand new Dell laptop with Vista installed. Slow and problematic.